Practical Risk Assessment

This course has been developed to assist people who need to implement their risk assessment programme. It accompanies the Risk Assessment document and provides training at the same time as practical support and assistance in using the document to carry out your risk assessments.

Who needs this training?
This training is specifically targeted at employees or managers who are carrying out their risk assessments using the generic risk assessment programme.

Why is this training important?
Anyone who carries out risk assessments must have some knowledge and training in the process. This assists the assessor and instructs in the correct method of using generic risk assessments. It shows how to tailor them to suit your individual needs and make a meaningful assessment with suitable control measures.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the basic process of risk assessment.
  • Understand the terms Hazard and Risk
  • Understand the use of generic risk assessments
  • Be able to tailor generic risk assessments to suit individual needs

Outline programme
The course can be tailored to suit your requirements and can include a selection from:

  • The law relating to risk assessment
  • Avoiding prosecution and litigation
  • Using risk assessment to enable activities, not stop them
  • Assistance in carrying out risk assessments
  • Controlling high risk activities
  • Safe use of equipment

Course information
Designed for all people using generic risk assessments
Course duration: half day or one day, depending on requirements.