Risk assessments, Safety Inspections, advice & audits in schools


Unsure where to start, no idea how to go about it? Let us come along and do it for you, accompanied by a member of your staff who will learn as they go along.

We will:

  • be there before the school day starts and will observe traffic and pedestrians arriving for school;
  • visit all parts of the school including class rooms, (even when lessons are taking place), store rooms, boiler rooms, offices, traffic and pedestrian access with your guide who should have keys for all areas;
  • review risk assessments produced by teachers if available. If not, advise on what they should be doing;
  • check if health and safety procedures are available (a detailed check of this would be part of an audit);
  • advise on occupational health requirements, nurse for pupils, stress assistance for staff;
  • review display screen assessments for your main computer users, normally office staff;
  • show your risk assessor how to produce a report on the findings and prepare an action plan – or we can provide this, if required, at extra cost;
  • show your risk assessor how to produce a paper copy of the risk assessment, much of this while walking round the school, as well as showing them how to produce the electronic version.

If the school is very large there may not be enough time to go round all of it with your risk assessor but they will have had enough training to finish it themselves.  It may be necessary to stop to show you how to do the electronic input and start the action plan.

If you will be purchasing the generic RA document alongside the training we offer a 50% discount on this. Telephone help and e-mail assistance will be available afterwards.

The assessment/inspection will be carried out by Chris Doyle who is a Chartered Safety Practitioner, listed with the Health and Safety Executive via the Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register, OSHCR.  He has over 18 years’ experience in the education sector and has a current DBS (CRB) at enhanced level.

For more information please contact us on 01939-261539 or email info@chrisdoylecaretraining.co.uk