Our Generic Risk Assessment Documents for Schools

The Risk Assessment document is the most popular document produced by Chris Doyle Care Training. The generic risk assessments start at the school gate and cover most aspects of primary school life. It has been developed over a number of years while assisting a large variety of schools to implement health and safety systems to meet legislative requirements.

Very many schools have bought the document on recommendations from fellow Head Teachers who have used it. The system has also been seen by Health and Safety Executive Inspectors who expressed satisfaction with it. Many schools have also reported that the OFSTED inspectors were suitably impressed with it. We frequently have urgent telephone requests for this package because, “Our OFSTED is starting next week and we have heard it will help us”.

The process follows the standard format of risk assessment.

  • Identify the hazards
  • Ask who may be harmed and how?
  • A series of control measures are suggested – do you have them in place?
  • Review and revise

The document effectively turns your risk assessment into a set of standards for you to make comparisons with. If you have these standards, or control measures, in place, simply tick them off and the job is done. If they are not in place, use the suggested control measure, or devise your own. If this reduces the risk back to low again, the job is done.

Everyone who has used this document confirms that it is much easier than starting from scratch. All too often, the comment has been, “We can do this now. Left on our own, we don’t get started”.

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The document ‘Risk Assessments for Secondary Schools’ will greatly simplify the task of completing risk assessments for your school.

The package covers full school risk assessment. It covers the high risk curriculum areas such as Art, DT, Drama, PE and Science. These sections cover the general hazards that will be found and do not duplicate information contained in the likes of CLEAPSS.

If you are not too sure about filling out this document our expert consultants can give you all the advice you need. Or click here for more information about our health and safety audit services.

Risk assessments are a legal requirement checked by OFSTED and are an important part of school Health and Safety. This document allows you to easily comply with H&S legislation and follows the guidelines issued by the Health and Safety Executive.

On purchasing this package you have access to it on disk which may be easier and more suited to you.

To order your copy, simply complete the order form and send it to us. Orders are normally despatched within 5 days.

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