Generic risk assessments for Care Homes

These risk assessments do all the hard work for you. They have been compiled over a number of years covering the typical hazards found in care homes. They are not just blank forms for you to complete, they have been completed showing who is likely to be harmed by the hazards and how. They go on to list the common control measures used to remove the risks or to reduce the risk to an acceptable level. The format follows that advocated by the regulators, the Health and Safety Executive, Environmental Health Officers and the CQC.

They will save you a considerable amount of time and greatly assist in your legal compliance with health and safety requirements. Risk assessments have to be reviewed on a regular basis and to make this easier they are also available electronically.

They cover all aspects of a care home including many activities that are often missed, such as caretaking etc. To start, or update risk assessments can be a daunting task but this method makes it simple and time efficient. If you have the suggested control measure in place simply tick them off. If you do not have a suitable control measure inplace use the one suggested. The completed document then forms your record of risk assessments as required by legislation.

Most care home managers have found this method easy to use, however, to further assist we offer a training course to go with the package if required, or one of our consultants can assist in your home.

To order your copy, simply complete the order form and send or fax it to us.

Orders are normally despatched within 5 days. If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01939 261539 or email

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